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Satisfied Owners.
Happier Pets.


Dan is an amazing trainer and I highly recommend him and the Pup School! From the moment my pup Olly was 8 weeks old, he has been helping both me and my pup tremendously. From crate training to teaching him to sit patiently, as well as tips for sleeping through the night and potty training - Dan helps with any questions or issues you face while raising a pup. He always does so with a smile, lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Raising a puppy can be difficult at times, but with Dan's help I feel a lot more confident and I've seen huge improvements in Olly's behavior and even the bond between my pup and me. Every time Dan comes over Olly is so happy and enthusiastic, which goes to show how much love Dan puts into his training and how much my dog loves to work with him too. Dan is flexible and tailors the training to the things that are top of mind for you and your pup.
If you're doubting whether to get a trainer for your dog - reach out to Dan. It is the best decision I have made, both for my pup as well as myself!

Seline & Olly


Our experience with Dan and The Pup School has been everything we wanted and more!  Dan uses a positive approach that builds on our strengths and the strengths of our pup without using harsh corrections.  He has shown us many techniques to train both our Australian Shepherd puppy and ourselves; we feel much better prepared to take our dog in public and relax at home.  We didn't realize we could have so much fun with our puppy while making so much progress in her behavior and training!    We cannot recommend The Pup School highly enough!

Gabe, Emily & Harper


I first met Dan when he was training a puppy on a walk and asked if his student can meet my lil guy. I was nervous because I had recently adopted my dog and was still learning his behavior. Dan was great and my guy responded so well to him! Even though my dog is not a puppy, Dan was happy to help us. My dog already knew some things, so he tailored the training sessions to our needs. He focused on fundamentals and really took the time to get to know us, making the lessons efficient and effective. I can't thank Dan enough for helping improve my and my lil guy's relationship!

Sheilah & Pierre


Dan has been a wonderful trainer for us and our pup Rosie! His technique using positive reinforcement has been very effective - we started seeing improvements in our dog's behavior, and our communication with her, after just one session. Our sessions are always very productive, and he also organizes puppy socials which are great opportunities to practice new skills and meet other dogs. Can't recommend Dan highly enough!

Maggie, Pat & Rosie

Beryl & Maple.jpg

My pup and I are so grateful to have come across Dan and we truly valued our time with him. Dan is as skilled with dogs as he is with humans; you will learn as much as your dog and you will both reap the benefits of having a stronger bond!

I contacted Dan because my 1 year old Goldendoodle pup had become fearful and reactive towards strangers during the pandemic. I saw significant improvements in her behavior from our first session with Dan and felt like I had a solid foundation on which to build upon in between sessions. Dan's training is realistic, intuitive and easy to incorporate in your daily life- in my mind, this set him apart from any other trainer I had worked with before. My pup was visibly more confident and relaxed on her walks as a result of our work together.

I cannot recommend Dan enough. His expertise was a game-changer for us and we continue to use his tips daily.

"Woof Wooof"- Thanks a bunch in Goldendoodle

Beryl, Dahn & Maple

Maddie & Isla.jpg

I can't recommend Dan enough. Our little angel Isla didn't want to go for walks, she's a bit unsure about things and prefers the safety of the house, so we called Dan in to get her to walk. A balance trainer probably would have put a prong collar on her and jerked her down the road (she only weighs 20lbs, it wouldn't be difficult to do) but that would have just made her reactive and scared and would have just results in even more problems. We're so happy we called Dan instead of using any terrible aversives on her. Through patience and persistence, breaking down all the training steps so Isla never has to fail, we've seen a huge improvement in Isla's behavior. She loves to see Dan and his dog Kal. There are no quick fixes guys, if a trainer advertises that they're probably going to put a prong or e-collar on your dog and just increase the pain til your dog shuts down out of fear, then claim they "fixed" it. You'd never let a teacher do that to your kid, so don't let them do it to your dog. We prefer Isla enjoys learning and doesn't get physically hurt from it, so if you agree and don't want to hurt your dog, skip the balance trainers and call Dan. His prices are more than reasonable (you can buy classes in batch packs) and your pup will thank you for understanding them rather than hurting them.

Maddie, Josiah & Isla


If you are looking for a positive reinforcement dog trainer who is effective, friendly and a great communicator that your dog will love, I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Dan and "The Pup School". 

Although my wife and I first time dog owners, we researched and studied diligently before deciding how we wanted to raise our new puppy with our kids before deciding on the positive reinforcement method. As a physician, I am a big proponent of evidence based methods, and the positive reinforcement method seemed both effective and fit our more nurturing style in raising our kids.

Dan has the philosophy of teaching his clients the skills to train our own dogs, which in my belief is the most important quality. His friendly (no fault) demeanor allows very comfortable interaction in which we can ask all the questions we want without feelings of judgement. He has a wonderful personality and is a great communicator (to both humans and dogs), which I feel are his strongest points. I am giving my highest recommendation to Dan without hesitation or solicitation!

Mike, Linda & Ollie

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